Friendly Hounds Professional Dog Training offers this reference section for your use. Pictures, articles, and video links give owners helpful training and care tips. 

Walking on a Leash
Training Documents

Walking on a Loose Leash

Dog walks calmly by handler. 

Leash is loose - a noticable "J" in the lead. 

Puppy Vocabulary
This worksheet details the various words you will want your puppy to learn. 


Don't Give In to Puppy Pressure

This article gives tips on avoiding puppy manipulation. It appeared in the February 2017 editon of Happy Tails magazine. 

Next Steps with Your Rescue

Life may be a bit more hectic now that a rescued dog is a part of your household.  Perhaps you may be questioning, “What’s next?”  Here are a few hints to help you, and members of your family, to develop a well-rounded relationship with your new canine friend.

This article appeared in the May 2016 edition of Happy Tails Magazine

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Walking in Heel Position

Dog walks calmly and closer to handler.

Leash is tighter - but not tense. 


Dog Training Hand Signals

This worksheet shows the top five dog training hand signals.  

AKC Canine Good Citizen
(CGC) Test

This link takes you to the AKC website and the CGC evaluation requirements. 

Pet Partners Therapy Team 

This link takes you to the Pet Partners website and therapy team requirements. 

Pet Partners Therapy Team Test

Here is an overview of the Team Evaluation for Pet Partners.  

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