Friendly Hounds Dog Training helped Barkley overcome his behavioral problems.  


Barkley was four months old when I got him from a local pet store.  He was not housebroken, not crate trained, and he developed separation anxiety.  I couldn’t believe that this sweet little soul was so much trouble – he was making my life miserable!   I contacted Mary and asked if she could help.  It was comforting to know that she had encountered all of Barkley’s problems before.  During the first session we worked on puppy relaxation and building trust between me and Barkley. The second session built on what we learned from the first meeting and focused on separation anxiety.  I really enjoyed how each lesson built on previously learned information like a puzzle.  I saw Barkley improve with each lesson – and I was so thankful! Now Barkley is no longer a troublesome little dog, but a big part of my life.  



Mary is teaching our daughter, 4-year-old Emily, how to be a responsible pet owner.

Emily had been asking for a puppy ever since she could talk –
we believe that “dog” was one of the very first words she learned. Wouldn’t you know, grandma and grandpa gave Emily a puppy named Dash for her birthday – it was a surprise for Mom and Dad, too! After being totally peeved for a week, my husband and
I accepted that Dash was a gift to Emily and the puppy was now a part of the family. Mary has a program called “Full Family Dog Training” and everyone becomes a part in learning how to train and care for the puppy. This was perfect for us! Emily, who is just four years old, has learned very basic skills to care for her beloved Dash. The time and care that Mary gives to us as a family, and especially to Emily and Dash, is incredible and we look forward to each lesson.

Bouncer (AKA – Green Bay Bouncer) has learned manners through Friendly Hounds Professional Dog Training.

Soon after my wife went into a nursing home, I got Bouncer as a companion.  But he was too much to handle on the leash.  I contacted Friendly Hounds Professional Dog Training and was delighted with Mary and her positive attitude.  Bouncer is a powerful dog and he had a knack of pulling me over or down the street. Mary stressed the importance of consistency and patience in training.  Before long, Bouncer was no longer tugging at the leash but walking calmly alongside me – he is a model dog in the neighborhood.  Now Bouncer and I are working to achieve Canine Good Citizen (CGC) with the hopes of going on and passing the therapy dog test.  My goal is to take Green Bay Bouncer to the nursing home to visit my wife. 

the Vargas Family

Friendly Hounds Dog Training helped Mukluk adjust to family life and learn basic commands. 

My husband, Gerald, found Mukluk wondering around a shopping center parking lot and brought the puppy home. The puppy was desperate so we decided to keep him and of course we wanted to do all we could and as quickly possible. Our family had been dedicated cat people, so we had no idea what to do.  I was happy to get Mary and Friendly Hounds Professional Dog Training involved.  Mary helped our family and Mukluk bond.  Mary also taught Mukluk basic commands like sit, stay, and come.  Mukluk passed AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy on the same day that Leigh (pictured with Mukluk) graduated from preschool!  I can’t say enough about Mary and Friendly Hounds Professional Dog Training. 

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